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"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible." 

M. C. Escher




"It’s all connected. Your gifts, your circumstances, your purpose, your imperfections; your journey, your destiny. It’s molding you. Embrace it. Take it."

Once upon a time…

Back in the 60’s, when I was oh so innocent and naïve, I would sit up on the kitchen counter and listen as wind would blow through the open window and through the heather plant that sat on the sill.  Enthralled with the sound(s) it made I insisted to my mother that Heather was telling me stories, and I would sit on the counter and tell my mother everything that I was told.  It’s a fond memory.

As a pre-teen, I lived for the written word and spent many a day at my local library.  It was my home away from home.  Around this time I was reading all genres and someone told me about Orson Scott Card and his story, The Songmaster. And, I fell in love with it.  It is still one of my favorite stories.

“There’s something in the way he weaved those worlds. How he  brought the characters to life.  I could hear Annset singing in my mind. I could see the Songhouse. When I first read it, my 11 year-old mind was enthralled. I wanted to do that…write.  I wanted to create these worlds and tell everyone about them. And, I did for many years through poems and short stories, stopping only to raise my girls. Now I’m back, creating worlds and characters of my own, and having a blast while doing it.”

And, that is exactly what I’m doing – having fun. 

Enjoy the site and stories, my friends.

Peace, Love, and Music.

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"Poets and mystics have always known that the world of imagination is a real world - a third kingdom between the physical universe and the higher realms of spirit - and that is is possible to travel there and bring back extraordinary gifts"

                 - Robert Moss, Dreamgates.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." 

               ~ Robin Williams




Purple hues 
A starless night 
A red thread zip-lines from the moon to a black mirrored sea.

Me. Us. 
Breathing. Beating hearts. 
A moment. 
Youthful happiness 
Anquish, tears, now and again.
Goodnight, Dear heart.

Invisible thread recedes 
Snapping my heart
Crashing waves
Spinning the stars 
against a sky of reds and purples
Reminding me of you.


BY: S. A. Hussey 

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