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Rock-n-roll paradise came with a price, and Jessie Morgan paid…with everything she had.

Jessie Morgan was looking for an escape away from the pain and sadness that ruled her miserable life after her family’s death. When her favorite rock band, Flux, comes to town Jessie can’t say no when singer, Chris Nickersen, wants her to join him on the tour and in his bed. 

Jessie thought she had finally got what she’d been looking for: love, friendship, and family all in a rock-n-roll paradise. Instead, she found herself nursing black eyes and wounds to her heart and soul. Fed up with Chris’ lies and abuse Jessie leaves. 

Fraught with insecurity and a desperate need to belong, Jessie’s hopeful she’ll find her salvation in the one place she swore she’d never go back to...home.

*** WARNING - This story contains adult material and possible emotional triggers for readers with a history of abuse. ***

BOOK Remembrance.jpg

Everyone has a past, but not everyone has it come back to torment them six hundred years later.

Three lives entwined by vows, magic, and love end in distrust, bitterness, and anger. A spell cast with dying breaths to bring them back to settle their differences, rekindle the power of friendship, and mend a broken heart.

The spell worked.

Six hundred years later, they've been reunited. Can the trio work together to remember and bury the past and change what was, to what might be? Or will they allow the pain of the past to dictate their futures?

They must hurry as the spell didn’t just bring them back. It also brought back their executioner. He knows they are alive and he wants them dead…again.

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Fairies exist. 

I know, as I have their blood running through my veins. 

Unfortunately, they’re disappearing. 

The fairy Queen thinks I’m to blame. 

I’m not, in case you were wondering. I’m actually supposed to be the link to stopping other fairies from disappearing, only I’m not sure how. I’ve joined forces with the Queen’s son and granddaughter and together we’re sure to figure out what’s happening. It won’t be easy though, since my fae friends have lost their magical abilities. The answers are supposed to be in my grandmother’s journals. I’m sure, with a little bit of something magic, we can make it happen.

"I am pieces of all the places

I have been,

and the people I have loved.

I've been stitched

together by song lyrics,

book quotes, adventures,

late night conversations,

children's laughter,

moonlight, and the smell of coffee."


~ BarefootContessa

Works in Progress

PIC Aber.jpg


They call him schizo, weird, bat-shit crazy, and delusional (his personal favorite), but he is none of these. They call him a good-for-nothing-lazy-ass-get-a-job-you-bum, but he is actually a hyperkinetic bundle of active energy and has a great job. They tug their children and animals away from him as though he was infected with some mysterious blight that would taint them by close contact, but he was free of disease.

They should've been wondering why their children and animals seemed to gravitate towards him. They should've been wondering who he was whispering too when no one was nearby. They should've been wondering why he manipulated his hands this way and that with many twists and turns. They should've been wondering why he always smiled.


Of course, it was that out of the ordinary and strange peculiar smile that made all the theys think not-so-nice things about him. It wasn't a smile per se. It seemed to me to be a cross between the grin of the Cheshire Cat and an over-exaggerated clown. But, I can say this, when Abernathy Benjamin Nathaniel Carruthers, MIV found you with his eyes, well, you were drawn to him like butterflies to flower.

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"If you came to me with a face I have not seen, with a voice I have never heard, I would still know you. Even if centuries separated us, I would still feel you. Somewhere between the sand and the stardust, through every collapse and creation, there is a pulse that echoes of you and I."      ― Lang Leav

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