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Listening is Qi

We’d been hearing about Corona virus for a while, but it was so far away, how could it bother us? Sorry for those poor souls in China, but there’s nothing to worry about here, carry on. Is anyone listening?

Then it moved. Some people heard and reacted, but not enough. The masses continued, going about their daily lives, not worrying much about what was in the air. No one listened.

Italy became infected and the world’s radar became alert. More people were listening.

Several countries were being hit, but not many cases, nothing to worry about, it’s not serious. Shhhh…you’re o.k. Don’t listen – media lies.

Pandemic: People dying - old, infirm, and immunocompromised. Am I next? People were awake and listening.

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face.

Cough to your elbow. Socially distance yourself.

People joked to ease through the seriousness of it. IT was here. Most people began to listen, but there were some…

~ ~ ~

Qi. It’s pronounced “chee” and an important principle that is part of any thing that is living. Qi translates as being the life force or energy flow, although the word actually means breath, gas or air. When Qi flows normally, everything is balanced. People are feeling healthy, alive and energized. When Qi flow is disrupted, balance disappears. Qi (energy flow) is all about feeling the live energy – listening and tapping/tuning in.

In my new story, Fringe of Time, my lead character Willow needs to learn to listen. She’s told time and again by the talking cats, goats, and humans to do this so she can become the Shielder, its part of the job of portal keeping. While Willow is a book read person and understands all about energy, life flow, and all things living; she’s not truly in the moment, listening to what is around her; that specific sound of her energy, that inner knowing. She has too many issues to deal with, no time to listen, and listen to what…the air?

~ ~ ~

While we stay at home to flatten the curve, this beautiful Earth of ours is healing. Ocean, rivers, streams are becoming clearer. Animals are venturing further out, while we stay in. Air pollution is dramatically dropping. Sounds are clearer…are you tuning and listening in?

A full pink Super Moon will rise tonight (rise at 6:55pm sets at 6:56am - fullest at 3:35am). Pink is the color associated with new life - represented by light pink buds waiting for the slow and steady warmth of the sun to turn them green through photosynthesis. The Pink Moon ushers in the energetic theme of rebirth, occurring in all forms of life. It serves as a reminder that life is a set of ups and downs, a cycle of hibernation and reawakening. This is what we are doing right now.

Go out in your yard tonight. Tune in – look up. Marvel at the stars and the moon. Listen to any birds still not asleep. Listen to the mesmerizing silence of the night. Take it in that we are all in this together – that we are all part of this earth - we all see the same moon (and sometimes even make wishes to the ol’ man up there).

Let’s take care of each other and this place called home.

Brightest Blessings to everyone.


A beautiful 3 minute meditation:

Sign up for a virtual full moon fire ceremony here. Release and energize yourself.

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