• S. A. Hussey

Fringe of Time

"Beyond the fringe of time, magic makes the wild happen.”

EXCERPT from a new story I'm working on....

They call him schizo, weird, bat-shit crazy, and delusional (his personal favorite), but he is none of these. They call him a good-for-nothing-lazy-ass-get-a-job-you-bum, but he is actually a hyperkinetic bundle of active energy and has a great job. They tug their children and animals away from him as though he was infected with some mysterious blight that would taint them by close contact, but he was free of disease.

They should’ve wondered why their children and animals seemed to gravitate towards him. They should’ve wondered who he was whispering too when no one was nearby. They should’ve wondered why he manipulated his hands this way and that with many twists and turns. They should’ve wondered why he always smiled.

Of course, it was that out of the ordinary and strange peculiar smile that made all the theys think not-so-nice things about him. It wasn’t a smile per se. It seemed to me to be a cross between the grin of the Cheshire Cat and an over-exaggerated clown. And when, Abernathy Benjamin Nathaniel Carruthers, MIV found you with his eyes, well, you were drawn to him like butterflies to flower.

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