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Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Read the next installments of Fringe of Time on Wattpad. You'll be glad you did.


Abernathy is a Shielder. Willow could be too, but she has to pass the tests to earn the title and be given the name Carruther MV. It won't be easy. She has to go to the edge - the fringe.

It requires her to stop time and even though Abernathy says she's not ready, he brings her there himself.

Everything there is different, but yet the same as here. Down is up-up is down. Turvy is topsy. Things that go bump in the night here, exist there. Magic is alive in the fringe.

Willow and Abernathy have to harness energy and keep the things from leaving the fringe through ley lines and portals and entering the regular world. Abernathy's magic is failing and Willow needs help if she's to keep the things from breaching the fringe. But, what comes to assist, she never expected to see in her wildest dreams. Willow's learning that beyond the fringe of time, magic makes the wild things happen.

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